Hey There! I’m Danielle, but you can call me Dani.
I am a 26 year old female living in Ottawa, ON, Canada.
I’m not really sure where to start in regards to my life as it has taken me on quite the journey. I guess I’ll begin with my passion. At 16, I discovered my love for photography. I took film in grade eleven and twelve in high school and began to develop my creativity. I lived in the country so there was ample opportunities for beautiful visuals. Although I always had a close knit friend circle, I thoroughly enjoyed my alone time in which I could go out shooting and follow up with editing for hours. I continued with my photography on my year off after high school by doing personal work and a few side jobs here and there. I then decided to attend Algonquin College for their two year photography program. The skills I acquired and education I received from the teachers and even other students was overwhelming. Everything from theory, digital imaging, post production and actual studio time really assisted in my development and growth as an artist and photographer.

After I graduated, I really wanted to travel. I decided to apply for a job on cruise ships where I could see the world and still do what I love (photography, of course!). I went for an interview in Toronto which went extremely well and I was then hired to P&O Cruises Australia. Everything at this point felt so unreal. My entire life I had dreamed of going to Australia and now I was going and bringing my camera with me. I spent three contracts over there and also visited New Zealand, South Pacific Islands and Fiji. Each contract I worked hard to move up the ladder and become a better photographer. By the end of my second contract, I had applied for eXpression studio.

This studio and its lighting techniques were created by American photographer, Joe Craig. He also created the private studios on Princess Cruises, known as Platinum Studios. This was a private studio to be run onboard the ship by one photographer. It was basically having your own business in which you are in control of everything from the setup, tear down, booking (other photographers would assist you in this as well), meeting, engaging, shooting, editing, presenting, taking payment, documenting and logging orders etc. About two months into my third contract, I got the news that I was selected to be one of 5 photographers sent to Missouri to work with Joe Craig. I couldn’t believe it. Hundreds of people had applied for this and I was selected. So then I was flown to Missouri where I met with Joe and 4 other photographers in hopes to learn as much as possible from such an inspiring mentor. It was an unforgettable experience.
This man figured me out in only a few short hours of knowing me. He brought things out in me I had never felt before. He made me a better photographer in so many ways.

I took everything I learned from him and went back Australia to open the eXpressions studio on a new ship. I am very glad I had this experience but I went through a lot of highs and lows in this new position. I enjoyed creating beautiful memories for families, friends, couples and even those who just wanted something for themselves. I decided after this contract that I wanted to find life on land and that my passion would be better enjoyed on my own terms. This proved to be quite a struggle. I had a hard time finding work when I came back to Canada and I found my joy for photography was put on the back burner. I rolled up my sleeves and did what I needed to do and eventually got my drive back in both a career and my photography. Fast forwarding to three years later and I am now working in insurance! Crazy!? Ya, I know but I absolutely love it. I still photograph as much as I please and enjoy being able to do it for myself and for the joy of others on my own terms.

So that’s a little background about me. Each day I am learning something new about myself and the world around me.  I created this blog in hopes to share with others the music that makes me smile, the images that make my heart beat faster, the quotes we can all relate to and reviews you may want to know about various products and items.
I hope to inspire you to follow your passions and dreams, wherever they may take you.

Xoxo, Dani Girl.