BUNZ Trades & Exciting Things To Come!

Good Morning All! So This week was an awesome week for trading!
I currently use a site and app called BUNZ. It started in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
and grew to Ottawa (where I currently reside/The Nations Capital)
and I believe it has even made its way to Montreal, Quebec, Canada as well!
The idea is to post items that you do not need or want anymore and create a list of things you are in search of. People can like your items and message you if they are interested. You can then choose to look at their page and see if any items of theirs interests you or they can look on your profile and see what specifically you are in search of. I have done several trades over the past year and have acquired some amazing items!
The two items above were things I really wanted for a long time and managed to get them both this week! The typewriter is electronic and in excellent condition but needed the ribbon to be replaced so I have one being shipped to me via Amazon sometime next week. I plan to use this to create more upcoming posts by typing things up and then photographing and sharing it with you all on here. I also acquired a Ukulele.
This model is the Denver Duke-SAP. I am more than thrilled to finally have this instrument. I attempted to tune it myself and then had it verified by a professional that I was only slightly off and now it’s ready to go! I am going to watch as many videos and work really hard at mastering the basics and my hope is to be able to eventually play a cover of the song “Float On” by Modest Mouse. That being said, stay tuned both visually
and literally!

Xoxo, Dani Girl


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