Big Little Lies

Opening Song – Cold Little Heart by: Michael Kiwanuka

Good Morning All!
So I wanted to write a little something about this novel turned into series.
In the past few months, I have been exploring different genres of novels and went a little out of my comfort zone and found Big Little Lies. I had recently heard that HBO had picked up the making of a series for this novel so it intrigued me even further to want to read the novel and then watch the series to see how well they could relate the two. As most of you who read know, often we are disappointed when our favourite book has been adapted into a film or series. It is quite understandable that every little detail will not make it in but in some cases, major things are left out which can be quite upsetting to those who felt strongly about those parts of the novel. After reading Big Little Lies and watching the series, I must say I was really impressed. At first, I was concerned with the fact that several A-list celebrities would be playing the roles of the characters I had grown to love so much but after seeing their adaptation of the characters, I felt they were all a perfect fit in their own way. The cinematography was very well done and they managed to make each episode feel like I was re-reading the book itself right down to every last detail and chapter. The opening song is quite fitting and the imagery really sets off the presence for what is to come. I highly recommend reading the novel and then watching the show (check out the soundtrack as well!) to see how you feel they related the characters and events. Let me know what you think!

Xoxo, Dani Girl


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