It is with great sadness that we say farewell to this staple of our community . – Zaphod Beeblebrox

It’s Friday night, around 11:20pm and you and your friends have had one
too many pre-drinks. Your in the wonderful (yet most will say pleasantly boring)
city of Ottawa. “Where to next,” you might ask. Well, none other than the magnificent
Zaphod Beeblebrox. The venu had been run by a gentlemen by the name of
Eugene Haslam from 1989 at a prior location and was then moved to York Street in 1992.
This venu for many became a home away from home. With regulars pouring in every
weekend to live bands and hilarious themed nights such as trailer park bingo, it was a place you could always count on for having a good time. I can honestly say I was a regular at this venu. Every weekend from 19-21 years of age, my friends and I would get ready for a night of dancing, laughs and most likely absurdly embarrassing moments. The bar staff were and are the kind of people that would always look out for you and wanted to make sure you were safe and having fun. It is with great sadness to see such a wonderful place that brought so many people together, leave our community. I hope they plan to have a big going out party because I can tell you for sure, “it would be out of this world” if they did. Wishing all the best to the fantastic staff in their future endeavours and the venu as well.

Xoxo, Dani Girl


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