Into The Wild (2007)

This is definitely one of my favourite films. It takes you on a journey of self discovery and understanding of being at peace with oneself and the nature around you. It is also similar to the idea in Fight Club in regards to minimalism; less is more. Understanding that you shouldn’t be defined by material possessions and what money can buy is key. This is something that is difficult to comprehend for most but little practices here and there each day will make a difference over time. There is more to self discovery through experiences as oppose to defining yourself through objects. Yes, this all seems very simple and yet most people can’t seem to bring themselves to do or consider life beyond the things they have chosen to surround themselves with.
If you want a new perspective on life, I highly recommend watching this movie based off of the real life events of Christopher Johnson “Chris” McCandless, an American hiker and itinerant traveler.


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