TOPBOX – April Edition –


Good Afternoon All!

Here we are yet again with ANOTHER monthly subscription! This here is the TOPBOX also referred to as Beauty Box.  This subscription is based out of Canada and has free shipping within the country (yay)! With taxes, the TOPBOX comes to just under $14/month.  I must say that this is still a growing company so it does need a little TLC in regards to the site and revealing of products etc. This is my third month with this box and I have been up and down about how I feel in regards to continuing the subscription. Similar to the Ipsy Glam Bag, you will create a beauty profile.  TOPBOX does not offer as many features in regards to points and reviews. You also do not get the early sneek peek into what items you will receive. Instead, they send an e-mail roughly around when your box is shipped to let you know what the products are which usually does not come accompanied by images. My hopes for this box is that they will rise above and become as successful and detailed as Ipsy Glam Bags.


Who doesn’t love samples?! These were an unexpected surprise in this months TOPBOX.

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask with Pomegranate Extract!

Who doesn’t love a good face mask?! Whether it’s to start your day of feeling refreshed, a fun night in with your favourite girlfriends or a lovely nighttime regime, face masks are the bee’s knees!

L’Oreal Skin Expert Hydra Genius Daily Liquid Care

I have actually never heard of this product until now. Either way, you can’t go wrong with samples! This product contains natural aloe water and 3 hyaluronic acids which provide continuous hydration for fresh and soft feeling skin. Excellent for anyone with combination to dry skin.

Okay! Now For The Top 5 Products

The ‘Do Gooder Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray
Spray generously into hair in sections, concentrating on scalp and roots. Lightly brush through. Sweet tip: Use as a quick fix during the day or on freshly washed hair to add volume.  200mL    $19  Available at Shoppers Drug Mart,,


Dry Shampoo has to be one of the best products ever invented for hair.
Whether you just had a workout, are running late for work or feeling that day 2-3 greasy hair, this product will save your life! Most often they have really awesome scents to them as well! Give yourself that extra oompf your hair needs!

LARITZY Cosmetics
Lip Pencil
This creamy lip pencil can be worn alone or under your favorite lip gloss or lipstick for long-lasting color.  $18  Available at

lip pencil box      lip pencil.jpg

Not gonna lie, when it comes to my lips, I am completely lost. I enjoy experimenting with various shades but find my bottom lip line after a few hours becomes extremely dominate in the leftover of whatever lip colour I have used. I have tried lip liners before in hopes of correcting this issue and haven’t had the best luck.Perhaps I just need the experience of someone who knows what they are doing! Either way, i’ll probably give this little guy a go with my bright reds.

China Glaze
Nail Lacquer
These unique lacquers contain China Clay as a nail hardener, the same material that gives porcelain its shiny finish.  14mL  $10  Available at professional nail salons.


China Glaze is a well known nail polish brand next to OPI as I’m sure most of you know.
I am looking forward to trying out this colour as I probably have about 7 different colours in close proximity to this shade.

Hair Products

Smooth Perfection Shampoo
Smooth Perfection Shampoo has a sulfate-free formula to gently cleanse and protect frizzy, colour-treated hair for a smooth finish.   250mL  Find a salon near you at

Smooth Perfection Conditioner
Smooth Perfection Conditioner for frizz-prone colour treated hair.
This anti-frizz conditioner also detangles hair, eases blow-drying and restores manageability for a perfect finish. 250mL
Find a salon near you at


I actually use to use Pureology products when I worked in hair salons and can totally vouch for their excellent quality in regards to maintenance of colour treated hair.

So after all has been said and done, I am going to continue with the TOPBOX until I feel the products I receive are either too repetitive or not to my preference. Check out the site  (again, the detail is very minimal) or give the prescription a go. For such a low price, you aren’t losing out on much.

Xoxo, Dani Girl




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