Change is the essence of becoming something new.


Happy Sunday Afternoon! ^_^

Change. The word alone can be enough to send a person into a state of excitement or anxiety. I personally thrive off of it. I have always felt that change has helped me grow and also allow me to feel reborn. I have changed career paths, hair styles, clothing styles, and now here I present to you, my living room rearrangement. Perhaps I have always done these things as a way to embrace what I can control in my life. Maybe I do it to feel a sense of peace. I feel both play a part into why I am always looking at things in many different ways. I think it’s important that when we lose focus or passion on something important to us, we find a new way to look at it. I do that with every aspect of my life and find it very rewarding. Give it a try! Even something as simple as a DIY project can really release your creativity and change in perspective.

Xoxo, Dani Girl.


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