Ipsy Glam Bag ~ June Edition ~

Good Afternoon All!
Can you believe it is June already?!
Time sure has flown by this year.
Shout out to this months bag theme: PRIDE!
I am so happy to see such a bright and colourful bag.
Happy Pride to all! Love to all! ❤


Luxie Beauty – 245 Small Shader Eye Brush
Brushes, brushes, brushes. You can never have too many,
right? As previously stated, I keep getting brushes but they
are always ones I don’t have surprisingly. I like the sound
of this one as its great for packing on loose pigments, powders,
cream shadows, and even concealer.


Biobelle – #UnicornGlow Perfect Radiance Tencel Facial Mask
EEP! Sheet Masks! I rarely get sheet masks so I’m sure excited about
these and you get two so double the fun! Loving the name as well.
It’s formulated with antioxidant-loaded chocolate and mulberry
which help brighten, illuminate, and even your skin tone,
and hydrating honey to soften. Eco-chic much?
These masks are biodegradable, non-toxic, and paraben-free.

face mask.jpg

Estate Cosmetics – Lip Icing in “Goodie”
Can one possibly have too many lip glosses? I think not!
I have received a few lip glosses from this company before
and although they are not my favourite, I still look forward to
new types. The iridescent shade is gorgeous on its own,
but when you apply it over your lip color, it adds a lovely, golden sheen.
Can’t say I have a gloss like this yet. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free!

lip gloss.jpg

Pixi by Petra – Glow Tonic
I’m probably the most excited about this product this month.
I have heard great things about this company and have never
tried any of their products. I had planned to purchase this item
along with their Rose Flash Balm so I was super glad when I saw
that I would be receiving a sample of this. Let’s see if this stuff is
worth buying at full size which actually retails for a pretty fair price.

glow tonic.jpg

Make Up For Ever – Step 1 Skin Equalizer Hydrating Primer
Last but definitely not least and just in time as the primer I’m
Currently using is almost finished. I would have to say primers
are one of my favourite things to sample. Some work really well
to moisturize and lock in my skin while others don’t seem to do that
much. I am familiar with this brand and like their other products so
I’m sure this will be a hit. It is said to be a lightweight, creamy primer
that plumps, smoothes and totally evens out your skin for a fab foundation
application. Anything that is going to make my makeup last longer is a
winner in my books!



Stay tuned for TOPBOX next week!

Xoxo, Dani Girl


Ipsy Glam Bag ~ May Edition ~

Finally received my Ipsy!
This month’s theme is all about Travel!
The bag itself is yellow and orange with a bunch
of stamps from all over the world. Love this idea!

Lord & Berry – Maximatte Crayon Lipstick in “Intimacy”
I am a huge fan of lip crayons! They are easy to apply and
last for a long time. I like this shade specifically because it
isn’t too over the top which is perfect for an everyday work look.
I think I will need to invest in a bigger sharpener though as it is
a thick pencil and my eyeliner sharpener probably won’t cut it.
First time trying this brand and I must say it glides on with ease.

Doucce – Maxlash Volumizer Mascara
I actually received a mascara from this brand previously
and have yet to try that one. Mascara’s last for a long time
so when you have a heap of them and if you find an absolute
favourite, its hard to move on to something else. I’ll have to
wait and see on this one.

Tarte Cosmetics – Smooth Operator Amazonian Clay Finishing Powder
I’m probably the most excited about this product. I love the brand Tarte
and it’s actually full sized! I have been experimenting with a few different
types of finishing powders as of late but I am hoping this one will take the cake!

Grace & Stella – Dead Sea Mud Mask
Yasssss. Another mask! Never disappointing.
I like the packaging of this product. It also has
quite a bit of product and it says a little goes a long
way so that’s an added bonus.

Jivi – Lavender Moisturizer
I love receiving moisturizers in my makeup subscriptions.
I have a love/hate relationship with my skin and it always
seems dry so having the opportunity to try various types of
moisturizers is wonderful. I am especially excited about this
one because it has calming lavender and a hint of green which
will help cancel out my red and blotchy skin.

Stay tuned for what June has in store!

Xoxo, Dani Girl

Topbox ~ May Edition ~


I have to hand it to Topbox lately…
They are giving IPSY a run for their money!!
I loveeeeee this months box so I’m going to dive right in!

face wipe.jpg

Free Sample: Simple Facial Wipe
This is a great sample for me because I use makeup wipes
religiously to remove my makeup. Trying different brands
really lets me know which are best for my skin and for makeup

body butter.jpg

Delectable – Body Butter Cream in ” Triple Citrus Blend ”
This stuff smells AMAZING! I use to go tanning and had this
lotion I would use and this smells exactly like it. It brings back
warm and toasty, tanned memories. It is made with shea butter,
orange, tangerine and grapefruit oils.

brow primer.jpg

Benefit – Brow Conditioning Primer
Okay, I LOVE Benefit AND this is a full sized product!
I actually have never heard of this before but my co-worker
told me she uses it and loves it! It is a nutrient-rich primer
for fuller-looking eyebrows. I currently don’t do a whole lot with
my eyebrows. I sometimes use a tinted gel or attempt to fill them in
but worry about over doing it. If this is going to assist with some of the
middle patchy areas, I’m game!


Nude by Nature – Natural Glow Loose Bronzer
I knew I was familiar with this brand but couldn’t
put my finger on where I had got it from then it popped in my head!
When I lived in Australia a few years back, I bought the nude by nature kit.
After seeing the label today stating that it is an Australian product,
the memories came back and I remembered why I loved it so much.
I am not normally a fan of bronzer as I am quite pale and they tend
to make me look orangey/brown. I tried this Bronzer this morning
and I am absolutely in love! It blends so well and I actually feel
like it looks so great!

BLAQ – Eye Mask
The only product I have used by this company is the
BLAQ face mask which is like that black mask you probably
have seen tons of videos of people trying to peel it off their face.
I normally use the mask on my forehead, nose and chin so as to have
an easier time with removal. I love the effects it has on my skin so I
can only imagine how great these eye masks will be for my under eyes.

Excellent Haul this month!
My ipsy should be arriving today or tomorrow so
stay tuned as this month has some pretty sweet products
as well!

Xoxo, Dani Girl



My Top 10 Favorite Movies From My Childhood

Image result for movies

This list is going to be all over the map! I grew up in the country and had
a lot of free time as a child. My favourite things included going to Chantals Bakery
to get chocolate dipped sprinkled donuts and rent a move from Carp Video.
Now I’m a 90’s kid, so basically everything I rented was on VHS. It wasn’t until
I became a teenager that they started introducing DVD’s and Carp Video was
pretty old school so they didn’t have a crazy selection of them.
Sadly when I became a teenager, they closed Carp Video.  I was quite upset
but also happy because they were selling off their VHS & DVD’S for next to nothing!
I stocked up on many of my favourites and still have them to this day…just not a VHS
player unfortunately. I was given a lot of freedom to watch whatever I wanted growing
up so some of this stuff is definitely not age appropriate.

Edward Scissorhands (1990)
Image result for Edward Scissorhands (1990)

The first few times I saw this movie, it was actually playing on TV in French.
I was pretty young and didn’t quite understand what was being said but I loved
the imagery. The story of a misunderstood creation who was all alone and the courageous efforts of one women attempting to help him get accepted by a community made for quite the storyline. I would watch this movie over and over growing up and eventually when I was 15, my first boyfriend bought it for me on DVD for Christmas. I still have it to this day and on a night in, it will be the first I reach for.

Dazed and Confused (1993)
Image result for Dazed and Confused

Alright, Alright Alright. This movie is iconic and a favourite for many reasons. I’m sure everyone remembers those last day of school feelings. Your about to leave all your school work behind and head into summer sun and fun. With Actresses/Actors like Mila Jovovich, Matthew McConaughey, Ben Affleck, Jason London and Adam Goldberg in their youth, this coming-of-age film depicts those exciting and for the juniors scary end of year traditions. From hazing, to joy riding, underage drinking, marijuana use, popular pool hall feels and an impromptu keg party, the director really gives you the vibe of the era.

The Sandlot (1993)
Image result for The Sandlot

I had this French teacher when I was in Grade 8 named Madame Woodrow. She was by far my favourite teacher. She had a heart of gold and made learning French heaps of fun. She use to have a shelf full of movies that we could ‘rent’ from her. This was the movie I always signed out for weeks on end. With a cast of lovable characters; Scotty Smalls, Benny Rodriguez, Ham Porter, Squints Palledorous, Yeah-Yeah McClennan, Kenny DeNunez, Tommy and Timmy Timmons and Bertram Weeks, this film brought you feels left, right and centre. It showed you the awkward feels of trying to fit in with a group of friends who have a passion for baseball. They sure manage to get themselves into a few pickles but with the strong bond and support of one another, they manage to make it out on top.

Hocus Pocus (1993)
Image result for hocus pocus

I have always loved Halloween. I think I would have to say it is my absolute favourite holiday! I love the idea of witches, ghosts and goblins. Every Halloween as far back as I can remember, this movie was my kickoff to the month of October. My grandma use to have heaps of movies on VHS and all of my cousins and I would ‘rent’ them from her. Needless to say, this one never got back to her. I also liked that the little girl was named Dani as my name is Dani so I would pretend I was her as a kid. This is a classic that will never go out of style.

American History X (1998)
Image result for american history x

I still can’t believe I watched this for the first time at a young age. I still remember the feeling I had in my stomach when I finished it. This movie was packed with violence and racism. Growing up the way I did, I hadn’t exactly been introduced to such things at a young age. It definitely opened up my eyes to these things and also to the lengths people will go to prove a point. Hats off to Edward Norton (my all time favourite actor)  for portraying such an intense role model who changed his ways and took pre-emptive measures to ensure his brother didn’t follow in his footsteps.

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)
Image result for 10 Things I Hate About You

Like all “good” movies in the 90’s, this movie starts off with a bet. It was also that perfect stereotypical high school movie in which you see all the different groups; the cool kids, the nerds, the jocks… and then there’s Kat. I had a lot of respect for her character. She showed young women that they can be beautiful, smart and empowered. Of course Heath Ledger being the heartthrob of the film might have also assisted in the viewing pleasure. The vibes for this movie were very fun and the lessons were well served.

Centre Stage (2000)
Image result for centre stage

I was coming into my teen years when I first saw this film. I had joined a tennis day camp for a few weeks of the summer and use to walk to my moms work and hang out until she was done. To keep myself occupied, one of her coworkers set me up with a computer and this movie. I always wanted to be a dancer growing up but unfortunately I have two left feet (not literally!). I basically lived vicariously through the characters in this movie. Any time I need a pick me up, I put this on. I really like how it deals with jealousy, relationships, body issues, and most of all, friendship.

Almost Famous (2000)
Image result for Almost Famous
Another 70’s flick that is definitely a classic. I love this movie for so many reasons. It has an awesome soundtrack, a wicked cast and a really neat storyline that shows you, you can do anything you put your mind to. I love the determination the main character, William portrays. Although he may seem naïve at first, he soon comes to terms with the harsh reality that is travelling on the road and being a musician. As he takes this eye-opening journey, touring with the band Stillwater, he not only grows himself but assists in the character development of the band mates and Band-Aids.

Moulin Rouge (2001)
Related image

Talk about one hell of a love story! I have always enjoyed musicals. I would have to say this one is hands down my favourite one. I even had the soundtrack.  My sister and I would watch/listen for months on end. This was the first movie that gave me hope about having a soul mate and one true love. With a fantastic cast including Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor, John Leguizamo and Jim Broadbent, this movie was made to turn heads. The best description for it would have to be ” eye candy. ” Everywhere you look in this movie, you are constantly being drawn in. You can thank the wonderful styling of the director Baz Luhrmann for that.

Big Fish (2003)
Image result for big fish movie

I still remember the previews for this movie as if it were yesterday. I was so excited by all of the neat characters and their backstories. Sometimes I find when a director really digs into multiple characters, it can feel like several movies rolled into one. This movie is perfect for those who have a really vivid imagination. It also features a strained relationship between father and son as the son believes his father has fabricated most if not all of the stories he has told him his entire life. The end of this movie makes for a great realization of fact and fiction.

So that’s my Top 10 favourite childhood movies.
What are your favourites?

Xoxo, Dani Girl

Topbox ~ April Edition ~

whole blends

Good Afternoon All!
I am beyond happy with this
months Topbox! It just seems
to be getting better each month.
I sure am glad I didn’t cancel this subscription.
I even got a free sample this month from
Garnier Whole Blends! Bonus!

Nude By Nature – Perfecting Primer
Last month they were giving away samples
by Nude by Nature as a promo and I really
wanted the primer but it was sold out so you
can imagine how excited I am that It is in my Topbox!
I have tried a variety of sample primers so its always fun to
get another to see what is the best fit for your skin!


Glow for a cause – Lip Love natural lip balm
I don’t believe I have heard of this product before
but who doesn’t love a good lip balm! This particular
balm is known for its restorative powers and has
Vitamin E which helps protects lips from damaging
effects of the environment.


Voesh – Pedi in a Box
Someone over at Topbox must have been
reading my mind or secretly know me because
my feet are always in need of some TLC.
This product is known as the cleanest and most
hygienic Spa Pedicure solution. It is Enriched with
key ingredients to give your feet the nutrition it needs.
Each product is individually packed with the right amount
for a single pedicure. Spa night is coming!


Skin&Co Roma – Truffle Therapy Serum
I have never heard of this product so I went to their site
for a full review. Truffle Therapy Serum is infused with
potent skin-renewing ingredients. Carefully handcrafted in
Umbria, Italy, it restores skin with undetected radiance.
Fine lines start to fade, roughness is surrendered and silky
smoothness is immediately revealed and skin looks firmer and brighter,
creating a healthy, youthful complexion with improved smoothness and tone.
Looking forward to testing this out!


So all in all, this was a great month for both
subscriptions. I love learning about new products
and testing things out to see what I like and honestly,
I never shop for makeup anymore because as soon as
one thing runs out, another comes up!

Xoxo, Dani Girl